Anne Deane Berman, PhD

Digital Media:

Technology Partnerships: Facilitated University of Californiaand Industry research in Energy/Sustainability, Astronomy, Medicine, Theatre, Music, Classics, and more using Next Generation Internet, Optical Networking and Devices, Wireless Communications and Systems, Visualization, and Audio, among others. 


New Media Leadership: Founding member of Transformative Media Consortiumwhose institutions include representatives from industry (e.g. Activision, Disney, IBM, Microsoft, and Warner Bros.) government (e.g. State of California, BC institutions) and universities such as UBC, GNWC, UCLA, UCSC, USC, Stanford, among others.


IT/Telecom: Co-Designed UCSB's Technology Track Curriculum in IT featuring classes such as Entrepreneurial Opportunities in IT and Telecom, Designing Solutions for IT and Telecom, Critical Issues in Early Stage IT and Telecom Companies


Human Computer Interaction: Co-founder of Iowa State University'sinterdisciplinary graduate program. Interdisciplinary curricula across 22 departments including among others, Architecture, Art and Design, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Music, and Religious Studies, among others.