Anne Deane Berman, PhD

"Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake"


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"Excellent literature, art, music, and theater especially from the sci-fi and fantasy realms leads to discovery, the self and externally, enhances critical and design thinking, innovation, fosters empathy and serves as a foundation in unlocking the mysteries of the world in which we live in order to solve global thematic issues, including water, energy, climate, oceans, urbanization, transport, science and technology, among others."

                                  -Dr. Steven Lee Berman, Co-Founder, DIGIVATIONS

DIGIVATIONS CAMP DEMIGOD INSTITUTE (Leavenworth & Olympia, WA) is a fully immersive international summer innovation and literary overnight camp based on the Institute's unique NASA award winning STEM+ARTS+MOVEMENT curriculum. It is a blend of world building through innovation, role playing, and speculative fiction. The Overnight Camp's location and environment brings Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series as well as Fandoms to life (featuring a Mash-Up of Percy Jackson, Dr. Who, Steampunk, Harry Potter, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Hobbit, The Hunger Games, Divergent, and more) through quests in rustic demigod cabins, traversing through the beaches, trails, and clay cliffs.  

DIGIVATIONS' career development programming enables advanced high school, college students and professionals to receive mentorship and leadership training from the INSTITUTE's network of global academics, business leaders, artists and innovative entrepreneurs who facilitate life long learning, professional development and career opportunities. Camp Demigod's world-class Directors, Advisors and Faculty each have between 20-30 years of distinguished service and subject matter expertise in their respective fields: creative writing, design thinking, film, humanities (ancient civilizations, anthropology, ethnographics, mythology, languages, among others), innovation, martial arts, music, STEM, and theatre/theatrical combat. 

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Transform learning: reimagine and improve education in science, math and the humanities.