Music can be both the catalyst and foundation for the advancement of creative engineering and science-based curricula, as well as for designing new methodologies for music, art and entertainment production, and human perception. My teaching and research approach is less focused on technology alone, rather, on limiting materials so that students can learn fundamentals of the creative process and production.  What makes interactive story-telling compelling?  How does one create drama on both the micro and macro levels?  How can we marry sensing technologies into the fabric of an interactive piece, rather than having the technology be a distraction to the participant?  Effective engagement in this form of cultural production requires students equipped with an understanding of not only how to build and use tools for creating new digital media content, but how to think critically and strategically about the productive processes in which they are involved.


Camp Demigod Globally Calls Together Children to the Pacific Northwest

to Attend the First Overnight Camp Half-Blood in Association with 


Vancouver, BC & Point Roberts, WA....Camp Demigod is launched to support a ten-year old boy’s dreams about making the world a fun, safer and more loving place come true. Located on six picturesque acres with 15 rustic cabins only a half mile from the beach in Point Roberts Washington (30 minutes from Vancouver, BC) this unique overnight camp was designed by the NASA award-winning Creative Technology Learning Lab DIGIVATIONS (  Camp Demigod, the first overnight Camp Half-Blood experience, is working closely with the original Camp Half-Blood, endorsed by renown NY Times Best Selling author Rick Riordan, based on his books including, The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians series) and founded by Topher Bradfield of BookPeople.   Bradfield states, “Camp Half-Blood, Austin Branch feels that there should be more opportunities in the world for demigods out there to find a home to train as a hero, broaden their understanding of the world and become a part of a story that is uniquely their own.  Steve and Anne Berman understand our culture of Literacy, creative problem-solving, and inclusion.”  

Although students are expressing an interest from every continent, regional families are encouraged to attend a Free Open House at the camp on May 5, 2pm-4pm to meet the founders, other local students, and to see the campus. Dates: Family Camp July 5-7; Kids’ Camps (ages 9-15) July 7-14, August 11-18; August 18-25.  Early bird registration is $795 before May 6.  After May 7, the full rate of $1,000 applies. For more information on Camp Demigod, please contact 360-543-5641 or 604-628-9825  and  (eCommunity blog for children to share their vision for fun and innovative camp activities).

Background: In February, after devouring the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, a ten-year old boy, named Jacob, announced to his family that he wanted to attend Camp Half-Blood: Austin Branch, in Texas.  He said, “I wanted to bring my own demigod character to life and make my story come true.”  This led to a lively conversation with Literary Camp Director, Topher Bradfield, at BookPeople (Texas largest independent book store) who will be working closely with Camp Demigod as a Story Advisor.  The family decided that it was impractical to send Jacob to Texas for a day camp.  

Fortunately, for Jacob, his parents, Drs. Steven and Anne Deane Berman, are co-founders of DIGIVATIONS.  Together, the family has taught more than 1600 K-12 students and 400 teachers in BC, Alaska, Washington and California.  “After speaking at length with Topher,” Drs. Steven and Anne Berman state, “we found there were so many commonalities in our mission to inspire children, that we decided to make Jacob’s dream a reality by creating Camp Demigod.”   As part of this adventure, Jacob found the perfect site for the camp which is strikingly similar to Rick Riordan's inspired Camp Half-Blood, hidden only 3 miles from their house in Point Roberts, WA.

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University Level:


University of British Columbia, School of Music, Vancouver

Adjunct Faculty, (computer music and theory)

Iowa State University, Ames, IA

Assistant Professor, Department of Music, (computer music and theory)

University of California, Santa Barbara, Assistant Researcher, Department of Music, (computer music and media)


Middle & High School Level:


DIGIVATIONS, Vancouver, BC/Southern CA/ Point Roberts, WA

Co-Founder & Director

Music Faculty, (instrumental music, chorus, computer music and theory)

Walden School, Dublin, NH

Music Faculty, (musicianship, composition, launched computer music program)


Elementary School Level:


DIGIVATIONS, Vancouver, BC/Southern CA/ Point Roberts, WA

Co-Founder & Director

Robotics/Serious Play, Music Faculty, (instrumental music, chorus, computer music and theory)

Oak Hills Elementary School, Oak Park, CA 

Technology Specialist

Business :


University Level:


University of California, Santa Barbara, College of Engineering, Technology Management Program

Lecturer:  Co-designed UCSB?s Technology Management Program?s new Technology Curriculum Tracks in IT/Telecom, Lifesciences/Health, Energy/Sustainability/Eco-Entrepreneurship.

DIGIVATIONS' Student, Age 6