Anne Deane Berman, PhD

Health/Life Sciences
Neurology Visualization: Assisted in the preparation of a 700 page, $5 million per year for 5 years, NIH proposal for a multi-institutional grant for UCLA?s Laboratory for Neuro Imaging.
Healthcare/Life Sciences: Co-Designed UCSB's Technology Track Curriculumin Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Healthcare and Life Sciences, Designing Solutions for Healthcare and Life Science Opportunities, and Critical Issues in Early Stage Healthcare and Life Sciences Companies.
BioTech: Co-designed UCSB course on Critical Issues in Early Stage Healthcare and Life Science Companies.  Experts explored key activities critical for successful launch of a new product or idea: process of drug discovery, development, approval, research/licensing from universities, as well as the global regulatory and business environment.

Alzheimer's Disease: Co-created and produced an immersive spaceon memory and loss in a family whose father has Alzheimer's.  Visitors encountered smoothly overlaid sounds and stories of the family as they moved through the space and neared or touched sculptural objects and water features designed and constructed by McVicar.

AIDS: Created an interactive performance piece about AIDS, Positive Thinking, which processes an AIDS patient's voice with computer generated sounds and live alto flute, expresses his regret over passing the AIDS virus to his lover of ten years.