Anne Deane Berman, PhD

"Deane's musicassaults the emotions with power and intelligence"
-Baltimore Sun
Artist's Statement

Whether writing a cello concerto for a specific cellist or architecting a Virtual Reality immersive sonic environment with designers and technologists, my work is collaborative. My artistic voice builds on the inherent cathartic qualities of music through the use of narrative. “Story” is integral to my work even when there is no text, as in my symphonic tone poem, Reaching Antares. The piece is programmatic – i.e. having its roots in the real world, as opposed to an abstract symphonic work.  My computer music uses story-telling and narrative to create animated poetry. The use of computers to process the source material, combining the spoken word with music to create new unimaginable sounds is hallmark to my work.


My first experiment with this concept in 1991, Positive Thinking about AIDS expanded to incorporate animated visual images of human cells with the sound scape. This multimedia experience drove me to explore more possibilities for rendering story through music interactively combining other art forms.  Such efforts have expanded my scope and vision resulting in works incorporating aural events which move the listener through an immersive environment, seamlessly engaging  advanced computing, sensor-based and virtual reality tools.


As emerging technologies find their way into location-based entertainment, from computer gaming to theme parks, these new models of applications being developed augment reality using interactive sound systems. New intelligent systems and devices for human computer interaction occur in a variety of applications ranging from virtual opera and intelligent edutainment to scientific visualization and medical informatics. With all the new technologies being developed, there is a tremendous opportunity for creative individuals from a variety of fields to foster the quality, quantity and diversity of content being developed for new tools. 

Through continual evolution, I make experiential environments providing participants with choices to realize and witness personal life moments as well as historical events with first-hand impact.

Performed in more than 75 venues in over a dozen countries

Distributed on internet, CD and DVD  

Celebrated in various publications, books and journals

Scores are available for performance (contact)
Dreams Awake for two alto flutes and piano ($25.00 US)
Sweet Tea for two sopranos and piano ($25.00 US) 
SLAMMIN'for percussionist and CD ($25.00 US)
Reaching Antares for violincello and orchestra ($120.00 US) 
Glaciusfor solo piano ($20.00 US)
Positive Thinking for flute and DVD sound & projection ($30.00 US)
Other works available for performance:

Crossing to Elysian Fields for string quartet ($25.00 US)
Pharos for piano trio ($20.00 US)
Anxiety and Fancy for SATB ($50.00 US)
Hegira Seized for violin and piano ($20.00 US)